The world needs your gifts, your talents, your knowledge, your expertise.

There’s just one little problem – no one knows you exist yet. It’s quite difficult to make the impact and income you deserve when your:


social content gets scrolled by or never seen by your dream client.


blog posts & videos are only seen by your mom and the neighbor lady.


message & content falls flat on deaf ears and distracted eyes.


website turns your potential customers into bouncers instead of buyers.


programs/services are collecting dust on your virtual shelves.

Having a business that attracts high-quality clients who are excited and highly motivated to work with you is possible

Working with Swanked Creative was a dream come true for me!! They helped me uplevel my brand and my business. The time and dedication they take to get to know you and your business really shows in the quality of work they create. What really tops the cake is now I don’t have to go anywhere else for any of my branding materials, I can rest knowing that my visual aspect of my brand is in good hands!

– Michelle Hughes

Why we’re different & what you can expect from our team


Attractive & Intentional Design

We infuse your unique personality into your business in a way that reflects your values and vision. Every aspect of your brand aligns with your personality to attract more of your dream clients by being authentically you. Having a beautifully designed brand and website does nothing if it doesn’t convert. Behind every design, we implement a strategic plan to create an unforgettable experience for the audience you serve.


Personalized & Supportive

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. When you work with us, we create custom designs for your brand based on your unique personality and goals. We not only focus on the big things that matter to you and those you serve but also the little things. We’re here for you every step of the way with a hand to hold, a listening ear, and support for your goals, strategy, and even those pesky tech issues.


Skilled & Solution-Focused

We are a team of experienced creatives who are passionate and enthusiastic about our work. We make it easy for you to sit back and relax, while our team handles your project needs. For every problem, there is a solution. We focus on providing those solutions for all of our clients. After all, we are just as invested in your success!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Different from a lot of other brand strategist

"My brand was very generic and, in my opinion, amateur. I built my business based on my reputation on people who knew me so my website/brand wasn’t really known. It really didn’t matter what I had out there. Now I get a lot of people telling me they just love how comforting it is. And how they are emotionally attached to it right away. It makes them feel very at ease in coming to me and asking me about my services. It’s made a big difference. Felicia is different from a lot of other brand strategists. She really takes the time to understand the fine details of who you are, what you do and not just what you want your design to be. She allows us to express who we are and applies that to our brand design. Everything from the colors to the words, it’s so laid out step-by-step and organized. "

Christy Amason

If you're struggling to make an impact

The results of my brand reveal and website launch have been incredible. When I posted that the site was live, the feedback from my customers and followers were that they were so impressed. In terms of actual tangible results, within the first two hours, I converted a new coaching client. Then, within four hours I had two speaking engagements and it had been six months since my last speaking engagement. If you're struggling to make an impact, to have the presence and really feel that you’re putting your best self out there. That you feel best represents your offering, who you are, and what you bring to the world, then Swanked Creative can do that for you.

Courtney Rowsell

Felicia went above and beyond

She not only redesigned my website in a beautiful and professional way but helped me re-develop my brand by teaching me how to reach my clients and providing guidance before and throughout the project. I’m so thankful for the help you’ve given me and for the beautiful website you’ve created. I’ve already gotten more client inquiries this year and believe it’s because of how the site has transformed my brand."

Alexa Gelles

You Will Be Wowed!

"I would say to anyone interested in working with Swanked Creative... You will be wowed! She will put it together in a way that makes it stress-free and she will be able to tap into what it is that you want, what message that you want to share and just make it come to life. Like she will handle all of that and then some!"

Holly Rigsby

Turn website shame into website pride

"I can describe working with Felicia with one word- RELIEVED! Taking on a total overhaul of your brand can be overwhelming and scary. There are so many parts to consider and most of all you really want everything about the brand to speak to who you are and how you serve. I was immediately set at ease by Felicia’s style of communication, professionalism, responsiveness, and confidence in her ability to execute what I wanted."

Concita Thomas

Great design sense

"Before hiring Swanked, my brand was relatively unsettled. It was nice but fairly basic and not visually appealing. When I started reflecting on the value of the work I do it felt as if my website was not portraying my brand in a congruent way. Now my brand and website feel clean, professional, and polished! I feel proud of it and excited to send people to it. My favorite part was seeing it all come together and looking way better than I had imagined. Felicia is smart and knows what she is doing. She has a great design sense and really listens. Even if you don’t know exactly where there is, she is patient with you to get there."

Julia Kristina

Your Business + Our Expertise =

A Match In Virtual Heaven

Since 2016, the Swanked Creative team has worked with hundreds of creative professionals and business owners. Here’s what you need to know:

Our team loves diving deep with our clients to unlock their fullest potential. In order to do this, we spend time digging through your business and getting to know the best part – YOU!

You’re probably someone who’s been running your online business for a few years now. You’re definitely not afraid to show up and do the work! You’re confident that with the right strategy in place, you can take your business to the next level.

Our zone of genius is infusing your unique personality into your business in a clear and compelling way so you attract more of your dream clients and customers.  In other words, we’re not here to just throw glitter and gold against the wall so we can call it high-end. 


We’re on a mission to  transform mediocre, misaligned businesses into Magnetic, swoon-worthy brands.

Meet Felicia Chanell

Creative Director and Brand Vibe Strategist™


Experience & Certifications

B.S. in Psychology from Georgia States University
Freelance designer from 2005 – 2016
Certified Digital Marketer since 2016

A message to you

We all have a special gift that we must share with the world. I’m here to help you light up the world with your gifts! Even if you think your light is small, it can make a huge impact in other’s lives. And the world shouldn’t have to wait another minute to be impacted by your brilliance!