The Ultimate WordPress Stack for a Membership Site

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Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the company links and purchase the product I have linked to, I earn a small commission of that sale (about the cost of a Grande Vanilla Latte from Starbucks – my fave). I only recommend products that I absolutely love, personally use for my own business or with a client’s business. Thank you for your support!
  Without further ado, here’s Our Ultimate WordPress Stack for a Membership Site:

WordPress Theme – Divi

Make a beautiful website and membership site using one theme, Divi, created by the good folks over at Elegant Themes. This one theme allows you to create web pages used in a “funnel stack” without needing a funnel builder. The purchase of Divi also includes the Divi Builder (a drag and drop visual builder on the front end of your site), Bloom (an Email Opt-In Plugin that can be added to any page or post as a pop up, inline, widget, below post, sidebar, etc.), and Monarch (social sharing plugin). Swanked Creative clients receive the Divi theme and access to plugins with their website and/or membership site design. Divi’s current pricing is:

Shopping Cart Plugin – Woocommerce

WooMembers Bundle combines everything you need to turn your wordpress site into a membership site. This bundle includes: Stripe, WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Subscription Downloads, Memberships, and Name Your Price extensions.

Affiliate Plugin – AffiliateWP

Want an affiliate program on your membership or site? AffiliateWp integrates with Woocommerce seamlessly. Features of this plugin include the ability to create custom graphics for affiliates, an affiliate landing page, leaderboards, and payout through Paypal. Affiliate Wp has several pricing tiers:

Course Plugin – Learndash

The most popular LMS plugin for creating courses is Learndash. Learndash will allow you to create an unlimited number of paid and free courses as well as drip-feed lessons, award certificates and badges, enroll as many students as you want and much more. Learndash has various pricing outlined in this chart: Total Plugin Pricing for the stack above is $826

  • Divi – $89
  • WooMembers – $299
  • AffiliateWp – $249
  • Learndash – $189

Access to these plugins for a Swanked Creative client is free with website maintenance plans.  Most email marketing service providers do not allow the sending of “transactional emails” only bulk mail such as a newsletter. Transactional emails are sent directly from WooCommerce and customers are stored in WooCommerce. Zapier is required to connect Woocommerce customer to your Email Marketing Service.

Membership & Payment Plugin – ActiveMember360

ActiveCampaign users can utilize the ActiveMember360 membership plugin to connect contacts to a membership site. Using ActiveMember360 will also deeply integrate with the tagging system built in ActiveCampaign to allow the members to receive access to any site with your ActiveMember360 account set up as long as they are tagged appropriately. This allows you to keep your membership area completely separate from your main site or shopping cart. ActiveMember360 has a built-in payment extension as well as integration with Learndash and WooCommerce. If you want to have a customized checkout experience WooCommerce is better for this and the subscriptions extension will also apply the appropriate tags when an account is active, canceled, refunded, payment failed, or inactive. An ActiveCampaign account is required to use ActiveMember360. I highly recommend using ActiveCampaign because this company does not charge based on “subscribers” but on contacts. You are only charged once for your contacts unlike other list-based companies (i.e., Aweber, MailChimp,). You also can install site tracking to monitor when contacts go to your website and also use automations to trigger sequences. The basic plan (up to 500 subs) is $9/month on an annual account. This completes The Ultimate WordPress Stack for a Membership Site. What I love about this stack the most is the ability to automate the entire process from lead generation to member management. This particular stack also eliminates the need for “funnel builders”. Divi’s layout builder will create any landing/sales page you want. Here are examples of sites using Divi for their Landing and Sales Pages: Kenna Fit ClubTo Pregnancy And Beyond, and Core Floor Restore. Interested in hiring Swanked Creative to create this stack for your membership site? We are currently accepting applications for Membership Site Designs.