Brand Makeover Case Study [Michelle Hughes]

by | May 24, 2017 | Case Study

What was your brand or business like before hiring Swanked Creative?

My brand wasn’t even finished yet when I hired Swanked Creative. I had established some good foundational branding pieces but I haven’t put everything together. I was having a hard time putting what I wanted my brand to represent into a visual masterpiece. My head was full of wonderful ideas but I really didn’t know how to make that come alive in the digital world. Since I didn’t have a web presence yet there was a heavy weight on my shoulders because I had lots of potential clients who wanted to use my service but when they asked if I had a website my answer was always, “No, I’m working on it”! The pressure to try to achieve my vision myself for my brand was a high mountain that I was climbing and it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere at all.

What was the moment when you realized you needed to find a solution or needed to make a change

I had already hired another web designer and even put down a deposit. The designer had started a great foundation for my website but it was taking too long and since I already had a graphic designer on my team things were working out as I had planned because we all weren’t on the same page. 3 months had past and I had to make a decision in my business to find someone who could get done what I needed for my business. I just didn’t want anyone though I wanted someone who would be invested in my business who understand my purpose and what I wanted to convey thru my website.

What was your biggest fear before hiring Swanked?

There wasn’t any. I was already familiar with Swanked’s work and honestly, my dreams came true by having them design my website. I knew that their work ethic and attention to detail would make my brand stand out amongst many.

What, specifically, was your favorite part of your project and why?

Not worrying about having to be the one come up with the whole design and visual aspect of the website. All I had to do was fill out a questionnaire and they handled the rest. So much weight and pressure was lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I can finally breathe now and move on with building a business that finally represents me and who I want to serve. Also, they really helped me narrow down my messaging and ensured that my branding matched what I wanted to convey to my community. I struggled what to say on some of my website pages and they guided me thru the process of figuring out how to be clear in my tone and copy. I learned so much about what a brand really means by working with them and they really helped me to lay a good foundation on what I want my clients to feel and experience with my branding.

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Run don’t walk to their services!! You will be amazed at the final outcome of your branding but more than that the client experience is amazing!! I learned so much as a business owner from the Team at Swanked Creative because they know how to “WOW” their customer. It made me look at my own client experience in a whole another light!! I have had so many people reach out to me saying that they “LOVE my website”! I even had a friend call me the very next day and she “RAVED” about how clean, crisp and refreshing it looks!! Those were all the things I told Team Swanked I wanted my website to do and they hit the target dead on!!

Working with Swanked Creative was a dream come true for me!! They helped me uplevel my brand and my business. The time and dedication they take to get to know you and your business really shows in the quality of work they create. What really tops the cake is now I don’t have to go anywhere else for any of my branding materials, I can rest knowing that my visual aspect of my brand is in good hands!

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