Branding is more than just a logo. Your brand identity communicates who you are, what you stand for, and what people can expect from you. Whether you are just getting started or need a brand upgrade, we communicate your brand’s message with unique and swanky visuals.




The Brand Identity Package is perfect for new business owners wanting to leave their mark online. This package is also useful for ambitiously savvy creatives who need a foundation and can DIY collateral materials. The Brand Identity Package comes with:

+ Brand Mood Board: Brand Aesthetic & Inspiration for Project Designs

+ Two Logo Variations: Primary Logo Design & Submark Design

+ Brand Style Board: Finalized Brand Design including Logo Variations, Font Recommendations, and Color Recommendations

+ Final Files: Delivered in .jpg and .png formats, HEX values are also provided





The Brand Facial Package is perfect for established business owners ready to transform their brand vibe. This package is also ideal for launching digital products such as membership sites or online courses. The Brand Facial comes with:

+ Brand Mood Board: Brand Aesthetic & Inspiration for Project Designs

+ Three Logo Variations: Primary Logo Design, Alternate Logo Design, & Submark Design

+ Brand Style Board: Finalized Brand Design including Logo Variations, 2 Font Recommendations, and 2 Pattern Recommendations. 

+ Social Styling: Design of Facebook Cover, Facebook Buttons, Twitter Cover

+ Newsletter Design: Header Styling

+ Opt-in PDF: Design for up to 2 pages, ideal for checklist, etc.

+ Final Files:  Delivered in .jpg and .png formats, HEX values are also provided





*Available for Add-On to Any Brand Package

Print Package: Business Card & Letterhead Design $300 | Webinar Package: Slide Deck Presentation (Keynote or Powerpoint) and Worksheet Template $250 | Media Kits/Welcome Kits: 2-Page Template $250 | Promo Kit: Marketing materials for choice of Facebook, Twitter, or IG $200+ | Sales Page Design: Design and Marketing Materials $1000Native Source Files: starts at $350

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