Most of the time a rebrand is updating the look of your designs or visuals. But a rebrand could also involve switching up the messaging of your brand to reengage with your audience or appeal to a new audience.

Famous companies like Starbucks, Nike, and even Apple have gone through a series of rebranding. At some point it may be necessary for you to go through a rebrand. Which is why, I put together a list of how to successfully navigate a rebrand like a boss!

Be Sure It Is Necessary

I’m naturally a creative person so I would get a little antsy with my business and want to switch it up. I went through a phase where I would rebrand one of my businesses almost every season. Not only was this a lot of work but a complete waste of time. I kept focusing on my website being pretty but it was not profitable at all. I actually burned through my savings and found myself filling out job applications at the top of the year. Don’t let this be you, make sure your rebrand is necessary. It’s like the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Appeal To Your Audience

Make sure you are rebranding to appeal to your audience, not someone else’s. I see this happening with clients when they first come to me for coaching. They ask, “should I do flat lays or have video backgrounds on my website like so and so?” It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at someone else’s website (or social media account) and feel like you should have similar content. This can lead to recreating your brand and content for their audience. Not only is this swagger jacking, but also not going to get you the results they have. You may actually lose some of your audience.

Get Clear On Your Brand Goals

Whenever I begin working with a client, I always use client homework in the form of questionnaires to get to know the brand personality and goals. If the brand goals don’t line up with the design then the client won’t get the expected results. I use strategic and intentional design to target the brand goals of each client. So if you want more leads to your email list but want a pop up to say “follow me on snapchat”, there’s a disconnect.

Be Consistent Everywhere

Don’t create a new look for your website but keep the same tired old photos posted on your social media. Your brand needs to be reflected on everything from social media to business cards. When your brand is consistent it builds trust with your audience. Having an outdated newsletter mailing list header can do just as much damage as a poorly designed logo. I supply clients with a brand style guide to provide a visual blueprint to create complimentary designs. But if you’re not design friendly, I would suggest opting for an all inclusive package that includes collateral materials.

Note: It’s rare to find a designer who will supply native source files, so instead ask for a template for a social graphic or pdf. This way you can recreate as many worksheets or social quote pics as you need.

Know What You Want And What You Don’t Want

The worst comment I ever heard from a client was “I’m not sure what I want.” The second she said that I saw bright flashing yellow lights and heard a voice over a blow horn telling me to run! It’s almost impossible for a designer to create a logo, website, or any visuals when they have no idea what you want. Really take some time and figure out what you want before going through a rebrand. Make a private board on Pinterest and pin images that you are drawn to. Then write a little note in the comments about what attracts you to that image and more importantly how does it make you feel.

Rebranding can feel scary but it’s so worth it (especially when it’s consistent with your goals). If you read through this post and feel it’s time for a rebrand, head over to Makeover Your Brand to see what we can do for you.

Have you rebranded your business recently? What was your favorite or not-so-favorite part? Let me know in the comments below.

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