Flow Create

Do you ever have a week during the month when you're super high energy? It feels like anything you have to do gets checked off your list within minutes because you have incredible focus. Then, other weeks you barely have energy for anything!

A couple of years ago, I started to pay attention to my cycles more regularly and realized there would be 3-4 intense days of extreme focus as well as creativity sparks and an overall feeling of confidence. I literally felt like I could do anything! Then other times, I just wanted to Netflix and chill!

Around this time, I began casually mentioning these cycles to friends. One of those friends was Sarah Blake who teaches how to connect creativity with your body. She told me that it was totally normal that I had these "high-energy" days during my Follicular phase. I ended up taking Sarah's Flow Create course and loved learning how to align my life & work to flow with the phases of my natural cycles.

Flow Create isn't just about the cycles of your period (although it has a ton of information on this!). It's about unlocking your creativity to be in alignment with your natural cycles and learn to work in flow!

I'm happy to announce Sarah's program Flow Create is open for enrollment and she's giving my friends $50 off if you use my code: FELICIA50. You should know that the links to Flow Create are affiliate link so I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).

Finally ditch hustle mode and discover how to align your creativity & work flow with your natural cycles

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