Whole Food Nanny

Project Description

The problem: Laura wasn’t in love with her logo or website. Before working with Swanked, she wasn’t clear on how to properly brand herself and direct her audience to her blog (Whole Food Nanny).

The solution: During our strategy session, Swanked Creative explained the difference between a brand and product. Once she gained clarity, we were able to move forward with branding Laura Clark as the Whole Food Nanny. We also provided a Website Wireframe to serve as a guide for her development team.

Project Deliverables

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Wireframe

Project URL


Project Testimonial

"My biggest fear before hiring Swanked Creative was spending a ton of money to not having my brand represented well. The very opposite happened. So grateful for how beautiful everything turned out! The website design was my favorite part. Felicia is so creative and really understands the look and feel of a customers brand. She also is very knowledgeable of the business strategy side of things to help guide your decisions along the way!"

Felicia Chanell

Felicia spent years studying people and their behaviors to ultimately create a design agency that connects brands with their customers. When she is not using her magical design abilities to bring brand identities to life, she is usually whipping up gluten/soy-free pancakes, filling a room with bubbles in ten seconds or less, or watching romantic comedies.