This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the link but I promise I only recommend tools I actually use and love!


Trello is a project management system and my #1 tool I use in business. This tool seriously keeps my business and personal life organized. Their dashboard allows me to create unlimited boards, lists, and cards My clients love using Trello as well because we are able to set deadlines, reminders, and chat within their system about their projects.


I made the switch from Mailchimp to ConvertKit recently because I found their system easier to use and manage my list. ConvertKit was designed for bloggers so they make it simple to send broadcast, create sequences, and segment my list without hassle.

Google For Work

Besides the fact that I am a huge fan of Google, they offer a simple and flexible interface for businesses. Google has apps such as Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, and many more that help organize my business documents and files. An added bonus is having a personalized email for your business. Did I mention it’s only $5/month/user?


Calendly is the system I use for scheduling all client communications ranging from consultations, strategy sessions, and monthly coaching. My favorite part of Calendly are the forms you can customize for each of your services. This makes it a breeze to collect information from my clients before our calls. Plus it integrates with Google Calendar AND Trello, how helpful is that?


Evernote is my go to source for storing all my notes, ideas, and scripts. I am able to organize notebooks and keep them private or share with my team. When you upgrade your account, you get more features like file syncing across devices. I love this because I can start on one device and finish on another.


Although I have Google Drive which comes with my Google For Work plan, Dropbox is still my #1 online storage solution. Mainly because I get 1TB of space with Dropbox versus 30GB with Google Drive. The majority of my clients use Dropbox so it makes it simple to share files with them without needing to upgrade their account to add space. Design files can be HUGE!

Canva For Work

One of my favorite tools to recommend to my clients after we finish their branding projects is Canva. Canva makes it simple to create on-brand collateral for print and web. Canva is free but upgrading to Canva for Work allows you to store your brand identity elements such as fonts, colors, and logos. You also can create templates to use over-and-over again without much fuss.


Currently, my bookkeeping system is Quickbooks. It’s no secret I’m not a math whiz and I am not in a place in my business where I need to pay an actual bookkeeper. So this comes in handy to keep up with my business expenses and incomes especially for tax reasons. When I was self-employed I was able to view an estimated quarterly tax statement based on my profile. Once a week I go through my transactions and separate what is personal and business, the system also can be set to categorize specific transactions.


Printful is my go to store for printing physical products like coffee mugs, t-shirts, and much more for my clients. It also integrates well with Wordpress and Squarespace to create an online store full of your custom made designs. They also have the option to include a custom branded pack-in like a sticker, flyer, or business card with some of their products. This is great for sending a hand-written thank you note to your customer.