Shira Nelson

""Working with Swanked Creative was a dream come true for me!! They helped me uplevel my brand and my business. The time and dedication they take to get to know you and your business really shows in the quality of work they create. What really tops the cake is now I don’t have to go anywhere else for any of my branding materials, I can rest knowing that my visual aspect of my brand is in good hands!" - Michelle Hughes, OBM & Launch Manager

What problems were you having with your previous member site before your rebrand?

Before my rebrand, my membership sites were kind of a DIY. They were functioning but it was very chaotic as far as where is everything. I don’t even know if I knew what was on there at that point. They were a couple of years old so they had a ton of content. They were not organized. I couldn’t find anything. It was hard to direct somebody to where things were because everything was piled on there. The URLs weren’t matching with the content on the pages. It was kind of a big mess.

What tech hurdles were you experiencing before the member site makeover?

Before the member site makeover, everything was just working because somehow I got it to work. But I had no idea how I actually got it to work. For example on my business site, every time we tried to do a PDF it would not work. And every time we would get it to work it would work for two weeks then it wouldn’t work. It was a bad reflection of me as the owner when my clients would say “I would try to get that PDF but I couldn’t get it or where was that again.” Things weren’t working smoothly and videos were being interrupted. Basically, that’s a direct reflection of myself and since the makeover everything just works! We know how to input everything. We have a system for the membership site, which sounds weird when you don’t have one but once you have one it’s like how did I ever not have this? Uploading new content to all the membership sites takes me and my assistant an hour. Before it was at least an hour per site because we could never find anything and nothing was ever working. Now it’s super easy to push out all the content.

What was the moment you realized you needed a solution to your member sites?

After working with you on my main site, I saw what a difference it was to have not only a professional looking website but a very clean and smoothly run site. So at that point, I needed to level up my business in a way that makes sense. Because having something that was just functioning and not running smoothly was not doing anything for my business, my clients, or anything in the future. It was like, this is ok and it works fine but kind of on the back burner. But if I want to level up my business, I have to level up everything that goes with it. And that was taking the step and saying it’s time to reorganize. Not only make it pretty but let’s make it function well for me and for the client.

What were the reactions and results after your member site makeover?

I personally love them! They are very well designed as far as the layout and functionality of it. My clients, whether it’s my Business site, my coaching site, or my running site, they are all easy to navigate. They are very impressed because they think I did it, which is really funny. They’re very impressed with the way they can get around the site. They can find what they need. They’re not spending hours backing up and figuring out where something is. They know exactly where they need to go. They can get in and out and get on with their day, which is exactly the point of having a membership site.

What was your favorite part of the makeover and why?

I am really creative so I liked working with you on the look of things and the organization. It was a puzzle for me to figure out, if I logged in as a new member what would I want to see? What’s most important? What could we put here? What could we put there? I think that was my favorite part in getting to be a little more creative and see my brand come to life. And see all the hard working information that I had put so much time and effort into actually look like the content. Before it didn’t look that well because it was just thrown up on a site. Now it looks super professional and like 2.0 business, which is the kind of business I run.

If you were to recommend a member site makeover to your best friend, what would you say?

People ask me all the time: when did you do it? how did you know you needed to do it? or how was the process? The process was super easy because you are super easy to work with and you’re very organized. That is key in knowing deadlines and what needs to get done. Because I think as entrepreneurs, we don’t have anyone telling us what we need to get done. We kind of do what we need so having someone be strict on deadlines and tell us exactly what we need is super important. My question is always how is this working for you? I think if someone had asked me that up front, I’d say actually it’s not working but I didn’t want to really think about it. Having someone do it for you takes all of the pressure and all of the scary stuff off. All you get to do is have fun with it and watch it come to life.

A lot of people think this would be really scary because there’s an image that’s out there for people who pay someone to do the design work as someone who only knows the design work but then they left me with all this technical stuff and back-end head over. Where you kind of know all of it and so it was just well she’s just going to figure it out, then she’s going to send me a video of how to do it. Where a lot of people, a lot of my friends actually have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on design and have no idea how to run their site. It doesn’t look anything like they wanted it to look and overall they’re just not happy. They’re upset that they even did it. I don’t think that’s true and help them see that’s not always the case.

We’ve been working together for awhile, what’s your overall experience with Swanked Creative?

I love it because I get to talk to you! I don’t like to be worked around and I never felt like I was being worked around. If we ever had an issue, you would step in and be like “I got it. Let me take care of it. Don’t freak out” I do freak out because I want my stuff done very well. The organization in Trello was all very scary at first but it was so helpful. Nothing was ever lost like “Oh I sent that email two weeks ago and you never saw it.” Everything was very streamlined and that’s the kind of person I want to work with for sure.

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