Website Maintenance

Every home needs regular maintenance and security checks. Or else you may find cracks in the foundation or unwanted guests sniffing around your property.

Just like your home, your website needs regular maintenance.

As a matter of fact, your website is your online “home”. You want your visitors to enjoy coming to your home but you also want to keep out those who don’t belong. You know like hackers, bots, and sketchy visitors trying to steal your private and sensitive information.

When you have a leak in a faucet, you either get out your wrench to repair it or call a plumber. And if you’re like me, you definitely call a plumber because who has time to investigate a leak.

So what do you do when your website has a broken link or plugins acting crazy because they need to be updated? Or worse.. your website gets hacked!

Cleaning up a mess after something goes wrong can be costly. Most web developers charge on average around $80/hour.

You could be looking at a bill for a minimum of $160 for your web developer to not only identify the error but also fix the problem.

The more robust your online platform (number of monthly visitors, installed plugins, etc.), the more time it takes to find the problem.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong or completely fall apart, there’s a better solution that is available called Website Maintenance.

Website maintenance is a prevention service offered to current and past clients with a website developed by Swanked Creative. We take care of everything you need to keep your website performing efficiently.

Website maintenance package is $75/month and includes the following:
- Website backups (daily)
- WordPress Updates (weekly)
- Plugin Updates (biweekly)
- Theme Updates (monthly)
- Performance Checks (weekly)
- Tech Support for broken links, coding errors, etc.

If you have a website on WordPress, you need website maintenance.


WordPress releases new updates throughout the year that improves the functionality of their platform but it also creates havoc with your plugins. When your website is not regularly maintained, you are at risk for security breaches and website/plugin malfunctions.

At the most, you should never go more than three months without website maintenance.

You may think you can do your own website maintenance or have your virtual assistant take over the job but it is NOT recommended!

A theme or plugin update can break the functionality of your website if you do not know what you are doing, especially if you have a customized website.

Investing in a website maintenance package allows you to not only prevent errors on your website but it also helps you stay on top of any problems that come up including broken links, coding errors, lockouts, suspicious activity, etc.


Have any questions about website maintenance? Contact our team.

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